Top Ten Authors I’m Dying to Meet / Wish I’d Met

Top Ten Tuesday is a feature created by The Broke and The Bookish. This week’s theme is “Authors You’re Dying to Meet / Have Met”. Since I (sadly) haven’t met any authors yet, I’m going to stick to the ones I really want to meet someday. But I’m also going to be a little different and name five authors I wish I’d met but are now (again, sadly) dead.

Here goes.

1. John Green

This is my number one author I’m dying to meet. I’ve been a John Green fan for a couple years now. It’s kind of a funny story because I hated The Fault in Our Stars, which is the first book of his I ever read. I remember wanting to give it a shot because it was such a hyped book, but I didn’t even finish it. I thought it was trying too hard to be profound and was just plain unrealistic. In reality, though, I think I was going into the book with the wrong mindset. I’d heard so much about all these teen girls swooning over Gus I thought it was “just another stereotypical teenagfastco15_GREEN-023_largee romance” and didn’t give it a fair chance.
But there must’ve been something in his writing I liked because I picked up Paper Towns a couple of months later. Now this book I liked. It still had those “profound” moments but it was also funny and silly and the characters felt more realistic.

And then I read Looking for Alaska and I was completely sold. In a matter of two books, John Green had become my favourite YA author and, naturally, I read all of his books (some of them several times). I even gave The Fault in Our Stars another chance. I don’t think it’s his best work (IMO Looking for Alaska is) but I definitely don’t hate it anymore. It’s kind of grown on me.

The obsession became real when I found Vlogbrothers and Dear Hank and John, which is one of the funniest and most absurd podcasts I’ve ever listened to. Both brothers are intelligent, kind, thoughtful, and sometimes just plain weird and silly, and I love them for it. I’d love to meet them both, but I would still pick John Green over Hank of course.

Sorry, Hank.

2. J.K. Rowling

I don’t think this choice needs much oUK_JK_Rowling_Harry_Potterf an explanation. Her personal story is one of the best I’ve ever heard. She was a single mom, she was poor, she battled depression, and grieving her own mother, but she still found the time and the energy to write down and pursue a story she believed in with all her heart.

And thank God she did.

If she’d given up, we would’ve never known about the wonderful and magical Potter universe and I dare say the childhoods of millions and millions of children would’ve looked a lot different. So if I ever get so lucky to meet her I’d just want to say thank you. Thank you for not giving up.

3. Rainbow Rowell

I don’t know why, but she just seems like a very sweet person. The kind of person you can drink tea with and with whom you can talk endlessly about your fandom and who’ll totally get it.

4. Adam Silvera

I’d love to know more about his creative process. I’d like to know how he puts so much emotion into his stories and how he manages to tie the reader to his characters. I’d want to know if someone or something inspires his stories or if he’s just writing from his own heart (since his books seem to deal with the same themes such as grief and mental illness, I suspect he’s writing from own experience).

5. Ian McEwan

He’s the odd one out of all the other YA authors but Atonement is one of my absolute all-time favourite novels and I’d love to get to know the man behind it.

6. Emily Brontë


I wonder what it was like to write in that time, under a pseudonym, and what it was like to belong to a family of (female) writers. I’m curious what her relationship was like with her sisters when it came down to writing. Anne was her best friend, but were they secretly jealous of each other’s work? Competitive? What about Charlotte? How did she fit in?

Also, why didn’t she write another novel before or after Wuthering Heights?

7. Jane Austen

A pioneer of her time and an extremely strong and intelligent woman. I think she would be an excellent conversationalist.

8. Harper Lee

Another pioneer. She wrote about the irrationality of racism in a time when it was still very much a part of “normal” society.

9. William Shakespeare

How could you not want to meet him?

10. J.R.R. Tolkien

I would love to pick the brain of someone with such a vast imagination.


What about you? Which authors are you dying to meet?

See you soon,


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