Update: Going on Holiday & New Blog Schedule


I hope everyone is having a nice and relaxed Sunday. I’d like to say I’ve been having a nice and relaxed day too but then I’d be lying. To be honest, I’m having a very busy day. I’m leaving on holiday tomorrow and, this morning, I hadn’t packed yet (still haven’t), I had 4 posts scheduled and 0 written (whoops), and I really wanted to work on the outline for my WIP. Basically, I have a lotΒ of things to do and hardly any time to do it.

But I’m writing this a little after lunch and I’m making good progress. I might not have packed a single piece of clothing yet, but at least all my blog posts are written, scheduled, and ready to go. It’s all about getting your priorities straight, am I right?

Before I tick off item #4863 on my lists of things I have to do today, I thought I’d take a little break and give you an update. Well, several updates, actually.

Going on holiday

As you’ve probably gathered by now, I’m leaving on holiday tomorrow. This means that, while I’ll do my best to keep posting regularly, it’s possible I won’t be very active in the community for the next two weeks. I don’t know what my internet connection is going to be like, when I’ll be able to comment, etc. So, I apologise in advance for being late to respond or being absent in general.

New Posting Schedule

As I was thinking about blogging posts for the next two weeks, I realised I wanted to change my posting schedule just a little bit. I don’t know if you know this, but I usually post on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. But, since I’ve noticed Friday is not to best day to post, I’m changing things up. I’ll now post on Sundays instead. I’m also going to (try and) stick to a certain type of post depending on the day. Sound confusing? Here’s what I mean.

  • Monday: Bookish / Blogging Post (e.g. my favourite books for the fall, things book worms struggle with, etc.)
  • Tuesday: While the people behind Top Ten Tuesday are on hiatus I’m reserving this day for reviews
  • Thursday: Infinity Talks (my discussion posts) OR tags/awardsΒ 
  • Sunday: Around the Blog

Around the Blog is a new feature I’m starting next week. It’s going to be a round-up post of all the blog posts I’ve read and enjoyed that week. It’s my way of promoting other bloggers’ content and sharing the love.

Note: this schedule isn’t set in stone. At the end of the month, I’ll still be doing Monthly Wrap-Ups, no matter what the schedule says. For example, I’ll be posting my July Wrap-Up on Monday 31st (instead of a bookish post). Same goes for Monthly TBRs.

I hope you’re all okay with this.

It’s time for me to pack now so I have to go, but I won’t go off the radar completely. Even if I can’t comment back all the time, I’ll probably still lurk around the blogosphere πŸ˜‰

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16 thoughts on “Update: Going on Holiday & New Blog Schedule

  1. Have a safe trip and lots of fun, I hope it’ll be relaxing and that you’ll have a great time, Lauren! ❀ ❀ Sending you lots of love – and strength for packing, I always hate that part hahaha.

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