Around the Blog #2

Happy Sunday!

…or, in my case, not so happy because I have to get back to work tomorrow. That first day back at the office is going to be a pain, so I’m going to treat myself to one more day of reading, blogging, and watching Netflix without having to worry about a thing. What are your plans for today?

It’s Sunday which means it’s time for Around the Blog!

Around the Blog is a weekly post that will feature my top five posts I’ve read during that week. It’s my way of appreciating other bloggers’ content and to share the love for the chosen posts and bloggers with my followers in the hope they’ll love them as much as I do.


Here are my favourite posts of this week…

How to Read More by Holly @NutFreeNerd. We all struggle to read as much as we would like to, am I right? Well, here are some tips to fix that and read more than you thought possible. In her post, Holly gives great advice like finding a reading buddy and setting aside certain times to read (which helped me a lot!). Go check out the rest of her tips!

Unique Tropes I Need to See More of by Balie @NerdinNewYork. I love posts like these because I can compare my “taste” to someone else’s. It’s so much fun to see that there are other people who want to see more of the exact same things you do. In this case, Balie and I both agree YA novels need more sibling relationships. Yes, brothers and sisters can be kind of annoying, but they’re also pretty great sometimes so why not write about them?

10 Improvements that Would Make Goodreads 500x better by Cait @Paperfury. In which Cait talks about the things we all want Goodreads to fix (half stars, anyone?)…and then some. She has some very interesting and unique suggestions that would definitely improve Goodreads so go check out her post if you haven’t already.

My Weird (Yet Wonderful) Bookish Habits by Shannon @Captivated~by~Fantasy. These are some of my favourite posts. I love to read about other people’s reading and/or bloggingΒ habits and Shannon’s post is no exception. She has some amazing and funny bookish habits (like wanting to go up to a stranger who’s reading a book you love!) you have to read.

Edelweiss Plus Tutorial & Tips by Alice @Arctic Books. Do you want to start requesting ARCs but you’re as confused by Edelweiss as I am? Have no fear! Alice @Arctic Books explains how Edelweiss works and gives you some great tips based on her experience. I highly recommend reading their other posts about ARCs as well.

Have you read these? What are some of your favourites from this week?

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16 thoughts on “Around the Blog #2

      • I had sent them about half-stars or a sliding scale a long time ago (I like to think if enough people ask it would happen). More recently I asked about tweeting option for status updates (they have it for when you change status to read, so why not?) and something else that I cannot remember.

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  1. OHh I loved reading all of these posts this month as well πŸ™‚ Thank you for taking the time to share these, Lauren ❀ And best of luck for getting back to work tomorrow ❀

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  2. Oh I’ll definitely have to check out Alice’s post on ARCs! I want to get into them soon (though I’m not sure if I can do eBooks since I have no storage space to download the Kindle app on my phone). And YES Cait’s post was so relatable!

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