My WIP’s Character Aesthetics


This is unexpected, isn’t it?

I’ve talked about writing before. Okay… I’ve hinted at it from time to time. The reason why I’ve never talked much about it is because I don’t want to jinx myself by talking about something that might never get finished. I’m notorious for not finishing my WIPs.


I really like this WIP, guys! I feel like it’s the story I’m meant to write. Yeah, yeah, I know that sounds cliché, but whatever. I haven’t felt this excited about a project in a long, long time and I want to share it with someone.

There’s only one problem…

I can’t tell you much about it! YET. I’ve only written about a quarter and I’m still figuring out the plot myself.

What I CAN tell you is that it’s split up into two timelines because I just loooove to make things complicated and hard for myself  both of which are narrated by Liv (17). I’m not even going to try and formulate the plot I’ve come up with thus far. Instead, I’m going to list a couple of things that you may or may not find in my WIP

  • the enemies to friends trope (between two girls!)
  • childhood friends who reconnect years later… and become more than friends
  • summer school
  • powerful, controlling families
  • death
  • mystery
  • many, many secrets
  • lies
  • Game of Thrones / HP references
  • web comics
  • expectations
  • girl power / feminism
  • complicated family dynamics
  • pain

That doesn’t sound particularly cheery, does it? But that’s exactly what I’m going for. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I prefer emotional (somewhat “darker”) books to ones that are fluffy and happy. Basically, I want to make my readers cry and I’m not even sorry.

I realise that all of this makes little sense (heck, sometimes it doesn’t even make sense to me!). So as to not make this a completely useless post, I’m going to share my character aesthetics with you. It’s the first time I’ve ever done these but I’m really happy with them even though it took me HOURS, which is time I probably should’ve been spent writing

So, without further ado, here are…







I’m reaaalllyyy nervous about sharing this with you so I hope you like it!

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40 thoughts on “My WIP’s Character Aesthetics

  1. Gotta tell ya girl, you have nothing to be worried about 🙂 I love the names you’ve picked for your characters, very original and I loved that you gave us a bit of an insight to them via pictures – I think this is going to be amazing 😉 everybody likes a good old tear jerker 😉💕

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  2. Hi Lauren! I am so excited to read this post about your WIP! Love those aesthetics! Liv, Ion and Ayah all seem like such fascinating characters- but just from a glance I feel that I can relate to Liv the most since I am a quiet person as well 🙂
    Thanks for sharing and looking forward to reading more about your WIP!


  3. So excited to be reading about your WIP! Love those aesthetics! Liv, Ayah and Ion all seem to be fascinating characters- just from first glance, I am thinking that I can relate to Liv the most since I am a quiet person as well 🙂
    Looking forward to hearing more about your WIP 🙂

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    • Thank you so much!! I’m glad to hear you think they’re interesting. I relate to Liv the most as well but Ayah is a fun character to write about too. She’s very out there, not afraid to tell everyone what she means. And then there’s Ion who’s very protective and a total sweetheart 🙂 I love all of them ❤
      Thank you again!

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  4. It’s funny, but I feel like our WIPS kind of have the same vibe?! Also, I LOVE to complicate things as well because I’m a huge flashbacks lover in my WIP ahah. Your story sounds SO intriguing, I love it already, with the childhood friends,secrets and complicated family dynamics. I love it SO MUCH already and…these aesthetics are NOT HELPING me at all ahah. How is the writing going? When can I read itttt ? 😛

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    • I think so too! I think we have very similar tastes in reading and writing 😀
      Aww, thanks, Marie. That means a lot.
      It’s going alright. I’m taking a little break from writing because I need to first plot my timelines. I thought I could just “wing it” and write the way I see it in my head, but…that’s not such a good idea. I need to write it down so I don’t have to redo everything in the next draft. It’s not easy though. I’m struggling to balance my “present” timeline with my past one (the flashbacks)
      I wish it was finished already and you could read it. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Speaking of, I was wondering if you would you be interested in being each other’s beta someday? Obviously, we have to finish writing first (which, in my case, is going to take me a few more months) but I love the idea of someone with similar tastes reading my story, and I’d love to read yours as well!! No pressure though. Just let me know if that’s something you’d like to do 🙂
      Either way, thanks for the support, Marie! ❤

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      • I understand – it’s SO hard to try and keep up with differnet timelines. I had the same issue, I ended up writing things down and it was better afterwards, even if… I know I’ll have to edit because some things might not be good ahah. Good lucky though, you can do this! Books with flashbacks are fabulous if done well, and you can do this! ❤ ❤
        Oh, Lauren, I would be HONORED to read your story once you're done with it, and it would be SO great if you would like to read my work. It's going to take me a couple more months as well ahah, but it would be GREAT ❤ ❤

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      • I’m so happy you like the idea of us reading each other’s work. I’m already looking forward to it! Now all we have to do is get it done… 😉
        But I believe in us. It’s going to be great ❤ ❤

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  5. I love this idea for creating aesthetics for WIPs, I know this probably isn’t a new idea but I’ve been seeing a few around WordPress recently and it’s definitely inspiring me (I seem to have suddenly developed a very strong love for aesthetics).
    But I absolutely love yours Lauren, and from what you’ve told us about your WIP it sounds incredible as well. I really hope this is an idea you manage to stick with, I think the fact that you’re so excited for it is a brilliant start. 🙂

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  6. I love all these aesthetics! They’re perfect 😍
    Liv totally looks like someone I’d be able to relate to; I love sweaters and flowers and the colour yellow! I’m getting total Slytherin vibes from Ayah and I love it!

    Good luck with finishing your story! I’m sure you’ll rock it 💖

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  7. LAUREN. OMG. These aesthetics are soooooooo gorgeous!! *dies* 😍😍 They look so aesthetically pleasing and your WIP totally sounds like something I would love??? (GIVE ME THE PAIN.) It sounds so, so interesting. *grabby hands* I would totally love to read snippets or the finished product one day ahah. ❤ Liv, Ayah and Ion give such AMAZING vibes aha. 😍

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  8. I.LOVE.EVERYTHING about this post!! It’s so clever to do a mood board for your characters…I always do them for the story in general but sometimes it gets too big when you’re trying to mesh all the personalities of your characters into one board so I think I might try this myself! Thanks so much for inspiring me :3 And I really love the names by the way..especially Ion, very unique. They all sound good together as well which I know is important when you’re making a group of characters who will be together for the majority of the story. Nice job! 🙂


  9. Even though you can’t tell us much about the plot (yet) your WIP sounds really interesting and I’d love to read it one day! Also your aesthetics are SUPER pretty and I’m so intrigued by your characters. Good luck on your WIP 😀


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