Help Me Set My October TBR!

Hello, friends! 

We’ve still got another ten days before the end of September but I’m already thinking of my October TBR.

giphy (25)

I’ve got a couple of books in mind already but since I’m reading more than ever (I’ve already finished my September TBR I set last month!) I’m looking for a few more for October.

This is what I’ve got so far…

What am I looking for?

Two things… 

  • A contemporary YA: As you know, I read mostly contemporary YA with the odd classic thrown in. Contemporary YA is what I love and it’ll always be my favourite. I have a long list of contemporaries I need to read someday but I’m asking YOU which one I should read first. So, tell me… what’s your favourite contemporary YA? Which one should I read RIGHT NOW?
  • A non-contemporary YA: Next month, I want to take a little break from contemporary (at least for a couple of days ahaha) and try something different. The problem is….I don’t know where to start.
giphy (24)
My world is limited to YA contemporary….help!

I’ve only read contemporary so far this year, so I’m out of the loop of what’s good and what’s not. That’s where you come in. I’m kindly going to ask you to give me a couple of recommendations, books I should absolutely give it a chance. I’m okay with all genres (but I’d like something space-related maybe??) so go nuts!

Give me all the recs!

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33 thoughts on “Help Me Set My October TBR!

  1. You’ve got some great picks there already 🙂
    For your YA contemporary I recommend Eliza & Her Monsters. I thought it was amazing. Check it out, you’ll love it.
    And for your non-YA I recommend one of my favourites The Shadow of the Wind, a fantastic mystery set in Barcelona. It could be considered as a YA as the main character is in his teens for some of it, but its still something a bit different.
    Hope these help 🙂

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  2. Oooh yay Am I Normal Yet? ! I love that book, I’m going to read the other books in the series soon! I’d recommend The Loneliest Girl in The Universe by Lauren James, because it reads a lot like a contemporary (especially the first half) but set in space. It’s also a bit mystery/thriller-ish and just a really great book! I think you’d like it!

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  3. THAT JOHN GREEN BOOK, LAUREN I CAN’T WAITTTTT. Sorry, ahah, I just got a bit overexcited seeing that book on the post, haha. I’m too excited to read it soon. Hmm, recommendations… let me think about this for a second, I think you have read tons of my favorite contemporaries already. Did you read any of Morgan Matson’s books? I love her books so much! Also, I can’t recall if you’ve read Solitaire already, by Alice Oseman? I’d also recommend Everything Leads To You (NinaLaCour), Girl Out of Water (Laura Silverman, a recent favorite of mine) and…that’s what I’m thinking of now ahah.
    For something different, I’ve got Illuminae coming to mind – I don’t really read space-related stuff too much otherwise?! Not-space-related, the Mara Dyer series, I love it but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. There’s also the Delirium series that’s quite brilliant, by Lauren Oliver. I’ll come back if I think of other books hahaha. 🙂

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    • I KNOW. I CAN’T WAIT EITHER!! I’m so so excited to read it and also possibly get a signed copy?? I mean, we both ordered the right ISBN but it’s still a waiting game to see if we’ve actually got one 😉 Either way, I’m excited to finally read a new John Green book.

      Oooh, thanks so much for the recommendations! I’ve added The Unexpected Everything to my TBR, as well as Solitaire (thanks for reminding me to read that one. I loved Radio Silence). I’m not sure I’ll get to them next month though ’cause The Unexpected Everything is 500 pages long ahaha 😀

      I’ve heard so much about Illuminae. I’m going to try and read that one soon. 🙂

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  4. I’ve recently finished A Semi-Definite List Of Worst Nightmares and I think it would be a perfect contemporary for October (or Halloween). It was a pretty weird book but I have to say I enjoyed it😊

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  5. I recently finished A Short History of the Girl Next Door. It’s a beautiful kind of gut punch, and I really loved that it was set on the younger end of YA and narrated by a boy. I also loved Autoboyography. Such a wonderful love story-coming of age tale. Speak Easy, Speak Love was a fabulous Much Ado About Nothing retelling set in the 1920s. Genie Lo was awesome too. An older book I read not too long ago, which I adored, was a Geek’s Guide to Unrequited Love.

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    • I’ve heard great things about Autoboyography. Sadly it’s not available in my country yet so I’ll have to be a bit more patient 😦
      Speak Easy, Speak Love sounds amazing! I’m adding that one to my TBR right away.

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  6. That’s such a great list for your TBR! I love YA contemporaries too 🙂 Hmm, as for recommendations, my favourite is I’ll Give You the Sun. I can’t really think of any recent contemporaries that I’ve read, but two that I’m excited to read are The Gentlemans Guide to Vice and Virtue and Eliza and Her Monsters.

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    • Eliza & her monsters has been suggested a couple of times so I’m definitely adding that one to my TBR. I’ve read I’ll Give You the Sun and liked it. Haven’t read Vice & Virtue yet though. Sounds interesting! 🙂
      Thank you for your recommendations!

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  7. You’ve got some great picks here!! For getting out of your comfort zone and reading something new, I highly suggest Among the Red Stars by Gwen C. Katz! The book is coming out October 3 I think – I got an ARC and freaking loved it. It’s a YA historical!! 😀


  8. Okay, now I KNOW that you are only looking for YA (contemp or not) BUT…BUT…BUT YOU’VE GOT TO READ ‘THE WELSH GIRL’ BY PETER HO DAVIES. You’ll fall in LOOOOVVEE! It’s beautiful in so many aspects that I can’t even begin to count. I am SURE you won’t regret it. I AM BLOODY SURE OF IT. ☺☺

    Let me know if you decide to read it. And if you do, I’ll be looking forward to your review.

    Oh, and I ADORE YOUR HEADER , BY THE WAY. So…uhhhh….chic! 😉

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